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Hello, world!

Updated: Dec 2, 2020

Art is a subjective topic. What defines art? What is its purpose? What is it worth? What makes it good?

There are no easy answers but these questions caught my attention more lately as I started experimenting with new forms of expression. I recently acquired a seamless backdrop which makes for a lovely blank canvas on which I can practice.

Before I started photography, I saw art as something to achieve. A standard to reach. Precision and talent in painting and drawing, or deep commentary on society in murals and installation art. Art certainly can be all of those things. But it is so much more personal than that as well. Whether connected to a client or the artist, I now see it as a reflection of the beauty and emotion in our environment and ourselves. It can be simple or complex, and it doesn't have to compare to anything or measure up to any particular ideal. There is flexibility, fluidity, and transformation in art. Visual art relies on a product to be spectated, but it is constantly in motion, merely a brief reflection of the state at which it was made, but never truly completed. Even photos I took just a month ago seem outdated, as if the way I changed in that time would change the products I make as well.

I am excited to continue my work and explore the subjective realm of art. It can be difficult to think what you do is good enough to show the world. But I think the payoff is worth it and I encourage others to share themselves or even just experiment in small personal ways.

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