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I am experienced in audio mixing and engineering. I have produced and edited 10 different podcasts and audio documentaries over the course of 3 years. I am capable of both technical audio processing as well as audio storytelling


Deep Look Podcast

Deep Look is Ultiworld's news and analysis podcast hosted by editor Charlie Eisenhood and Keith Raynor. From the business of ultimate to the most compelling competition, Deep Look breaks down the biggest topics in the sport.

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Huck and Hope

10 years ago the Rochester Dragons launched their inaugural season in the AUDL. The team’s sheer existence defying most notions of competitive and business sense. Yet for three years the often hapless franchise rode the wave of a sport and community trying to become something bigger and grander than it had ever been before. Ultiworld’s Patrick Stegemoeller and Brian Kibler look back on one of the strangest chapters in the sport’s history and discover that the key to understanding the Rochester Dragons reveals something much larger about ultimate, the AUDL, and America itself.

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Stories From the Con10ent Tour

On September 11, the historic Con10ent Tour made the first stop of its three-city journey with an all-Black ultimate frisbee  showcase. 

Katiana Hutchinson was on hand to not just play on the field, but to document the weekend in the City of Brotherly Love. She connected with several players from the stop to continue the conversation about what the experience was like for those who participated, but also about what it’s like to be Black in the ultimate community and why an event like the Con10ent Tour is so different — and vital.

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Ultimate Ink

Liz and Nick talk to their friends from the field about their lives off of the field! Based on the instagram page Ultimate Ink, we wanted to make room for more in depth conversations about life, love, mental health and, of course, ultimate frisbee. We can't wait to share incredible stories from incredible people with you.

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